Prenatal Care

We provide comprehensive prenatal care, physical examinations, and counsel you about preparation for labor, delivery and early parenthood in the warm, relaxed, and supportive atmosphere of our offices.

1st Trimester

From conceptions and even before we are here to support you and guide you to take the greatest care of yourself and your baby.

2nd Trimester

YOur midwives encourage you to assume an active role in your prenatal.
We will take the time to answer all your questions thoroughly and discuss your concerns throughout your pregnancy.  She will help to educate you about the process of birth and pregnancy. Your midwife will ensures that you are always an informed decision maker when it comes to finding the best options for you and your birth.

3rd Trimester

Our staff and consulting physicians conform to our non-intervention philosophy. An OB/GYN doctor is available 24 hours a day to assist the midwives in the event of problems, complications, and emergencies. However, most natural situations during childbirth can be handled safely and effectively by our midwives with minimal interventions. In addition, we ally with a variety of professionals who specialize in various services that will enhance your experience. From chiropractic to acupuncture, their are many models of care that can contribute to a successful pregnancy and birth.

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We are here and ready to meet you and your partner. Give us a call and come by so we can help you get all the information you will need to make the best decision for your pregnancy and deliver.

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