Our Approach

womenofearthOur founder, Lonnie Morris’ motto and now her blog “WOMEN OF EARTH TAKE BACK YOUR BIRTH” conveys our passion to normalize birth for all women.

We provide a safe, sensitive and empowering approach to childbirth and women’s healthcare. We view pregnancy and childbirth as a beautiful, natural, healthy part of life.

Our role is to support the family during this time of celebration and creation by using the time-tested art of midwifery with a sensible reliance on modern medicine. We help inform you about process of birth and pregnancy so that you can be an active participant in decision-making for your care. You are the leader and most important member of your birthing team. You know best what is happening with your body which helps us guide your care to an empowered outcome.

Your healthcare team includes Certified Nurse Midwives, Obstetricians, Perinatologists, Pediatricians, Nurses and you, the Client. We view pregnancy and childbirth as a normal, healthy process, although we are prepared to handle the complications that can sometimes arise.

We strongly believe a woman’s care should delivered in a warm and caring interchange between you and the team of health care providers you have selected. pregnant mother with certified nurse-midwife We believe childbirth should be a celebration of new life and view pregnancy as a normal healthy process, not a medical event or surgical procedure. We provide a warm, caring, family centered environment to achieve a normal, natural, empowering, and joyful birth experience free of unnecessary medical interventions. We use the time tested and proven midwifery model of care with a sensible reliance on modern medicine. Midwives are skilled at detecting and handling complications. ITS YOUR BODY – ITS YOUR BABY

We encourage you to assume an active role in your healthcare. We listen to you because you know best what is happening within your body. We take time to answer all your questions thoroughly and discuss your condition, concerns and options.

When you are in labor, you can walk about freely, eat, drink, use the shower to help you relax. We base all of our recommendations to you on what is medically indicated rather than unnecessary routine pharmacologic or surgical approaches. Your midwife will help you develop your individual birth plan. Our staff delivers uniquely personalized care by getting to know you as a person.

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