Family Planning

A women’s reproductive years can be less stressful with effective birth control and family planning.

We are here to help make this process easy and accurate by giving you counseling on the latest and most effective options available and that would be best for you. We will provide you with personalized counseling to help you determine and implement the most effective and appropriate method from such choices as the Pill, IUD’s, and Diaphragm.

We are here to help you prepare and address some of the key issues involved in expanding your family.


We Listen to You

When planning your family and deciding what is the best birth control for your lifestyle, It’s good to have someone who really takes time with to make the best decisions.  We are here for the duration and want to help you make the best choices you can. 


Complete Examination

We make sure that you stay healthy and free of any side effects that may present with any treatment choice you make. As a healthcare team, we work with you to make sure you take care to not only have a great birth when you’re ready, but to have the choice to wait if it’s just not time. 

Referrals to Specialists

 We encourage your to stay on top of your annual clinical visits no matter what contraception you choose.  If a problem arises, that through regular screening, it can be caught, diagnosed and treated before it can become true threat to your well being.

Schedule a tour

We are here and ready to meet you and your partner. Give us a call and come by so we can help you get all the information you will need to make the best decision for your pregnancy and deliver.

Older Women May Stop Cervical Cancer Screening Too Soon

Older Women May Stop Cervical Cancer Screening Too Soon

Incidence of Cervical Cancer does not decline until age 85 A recent article we read points out a very important fact that many women may overlook.   Moreover, the portion of women who had not been recently screened for cervical cancer rose from 12% for...

Melanie tells a wonderful birth story

Melanie tells a wonderful birth story

I came to you all at a time in my pregnancy when I was extremely distraught. My first OB was adamant about my being induced on his projected due date because I was a geriatric mother. I walked in with a lot of apprehension thinking that no matter where I went I would...

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