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Our commitment is to help every mother and her loved ones have a beautiful birth experience

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Providing Outstanding Care for Northern and Central New Jersey

We provide exceptional obstetric and gynecological care for women, with a focus on providing safe, satisfying natural childbirth experiences.  We don’t just deliver babies, we are committed to supporting women to maintain a healthy balance through every phase of their lives.  When needed, we collaborate with outstanding physicians and enjoy the full support of the administration and nursing staff at Hackensack UMC at Mountainside in Montclair, New Jersey and Hackensack UMC at Pascack Valley in Westwood, New Jersey.

Meet Our Founder

Certified Nurse Midwife and Doctor of Nursing Lonnie Morris  on Midwifery, her journey and her passion for women’s healthcare.

Office Hours:
Mon & Wed 8:30 am – 4 pm
Tues & Thurs – 8:30 am – 7 pm
Fri – 8:30 am – 2pm


We are proud to be one of New Jersey’s oldest midwifery practices lead by one of the most experienced midwives in the nation.

Our founder Dr. Lonnie Morris is one of the most established and respected leaders in the movement to normalize birth in New Jersey and has mentored hundreds of midwives over the years to help insure safe and natural birth experiences continue to be available to women not only in our state but throughout the world.


We work together as a team to make sure you get the timely, comprehensive and qualified care you need to assure a healthy pregnancy and birth experience.

We welcome couples to visit us and tour our practice to get to know us before making a commitment. Any woman can take advantage of our midwifery services during and after her childbearing years. Our office is conveniently located at 716 Broad Street in Clifton, New Jersey.


When needed, we confer with outstanding physicians and enjoy the full support of the administration and nursing staff at Hackensack UMC at Pascack Valley in Westwood, NJ and Hackensack UMC at Mountainside in Montclair.

We are fortunate to have the highly skilled and respected Dr. Charles Haddad as our collaborative physician. He and his physician associates fully respect and support a True Midwifery Model of Care and provide excellent medical care when necessary.


We deliver in outstanding hospitals and birth centers that are committed to providing you with the comfort you deserve.

We welcome couples to visit us and tour our practice to get to know us before making a commitment. 

Natural Childbirth

We love to help women birth their babies the way nature intended and we will stand by you and protect your right to have the experience of your dreams.

Empathy, sensitivity and exceptional care through out your pregnancy and birth set us a part with our patients and keep them coming back, generation after generation.

Annual Checkup and Diagnostics

We are here to help you years before and years after your childbirth experience.

We look forward to seeing you every year for your checkup and minor gynecological issues.

Wellness Care

We are not just here for your birth but every phase of your life and in any circumstance.

We help you stay as healthy, care for and in balance as we can to help assure that you stay happy and healthy for you and your family.

Hormone Treatment

As our patients, we will also be hear to offer all the guidance we can to help you stay well and in balance.

However, when you faced with times that you may need some correction as you move throw the phases of life from preconception to menopause, we can help you find your way back to your best self.

Infertility Treatment

At times it can be challenging to conceive. When you are ready to start your family  and may be facing some of your own, let us help you correct the situation.

We make a point to chose the most natural and simple remedies first before more agressive, expensive and invasive alternatives. No matter what, we are with you every step of the way.

Supportive Community

Once you are a patient at the Childbirth Center you are a part of our sacred circle of empowered women and families. 

We welcome you to join our community by subscribing to our newsletter, share your birth stories and contribute your recommendations for other women and their families.

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